This is perhaps the best off the beaten track expedition you can experience on Borneo. More information for each of the trips are in the videos above,under the conservation projects and expeditions page are more elaborate explanations on each of the trips and also on our tripadvisor accounts. Please email us for more information You will be supporting four conservation projects along the way.

Day 1

Arrive at Miri airport.
We make our way to Marudi town by a four wheel vehicle.
We get on the bicycle and cycle to the first longhouse which is roughly 15KM away
We stay the night here. We also hopefully will witness a stunning sunset if the weather permits

Day 2

We cycle to the second longhouse, a more primitive one. Then we will drop of our luggage here and then cycle till the main Baram river. Once here we will go to town via a boat(If the old chinese man is in the mood!)
Once we reach town, we will do a local lunch.After it will be another cycle(optional if you are really tired) to another longhouse on gravel logging road
After spending some time here we will drive back to the longhouse where we dropped of our luggage and sleep there

Day 3

We head over to Mulu National Park early morning around 7.00am using a long traditional boat. Hopefully we will arrive by evening in this long 8 hour plus journey along the rivers and forests of Sarawak
Night walk optional

Day 4,5

We will be exploring Mulu Park and its stunning cave systems

Day 6-7

we will depart for Kota Kinabalu via plane.

We will land before lunch and head over to Kinabalu National Park for two nights in two different entrances. We will do nice morning and night walks looking for wildlife

Day 8-9

We will head to the Kinabatangan River via plane from KK international airport.We will do daily morning,afternoon boat safaris to look for some amazing wildlife

Day 10-14

We will spend four nights in Tawau Hills Park
This is our favourite spot. A naturalists dreams. Again, we will look for amazing wildlife in the day and night.We will also do a full day trip to the Plant4BorneoElephants project site and one of the mornings we will also go for a dolphin survey

Day 14-15

We will leave the rain-forest scenery and head over to Semporna, Pom Pom Island for you to just sit back and relax on some beautiful islands, white sands overlooking some beautiful sea and islands