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#Plant4BorneoElephants and Rainforest Exploration

Package 1) 4 days and 3 nights. ( Location- Tawau Hills Park and Sabah Softwoods)

Day 1: Today is the start of an exciting expedition on the search of the Borneo Pygmy Elephants! After arriving in Tawau airport, our driver will pick you up and send you off on a 1.5 hour drive to the Sabah Softwood Brumas camp plantation where you will stay in a simple, though nice little lodge. Depending on the flight availability, we ideally arrive in the afternoon.|Wildlife safari: where we will explore the area for wild elephants. This activity usually lasts until the sun sets.

Even though the Pygmy Elephants of Borneo are the smallest species of elephants to walk the earth, they are still enormous and it’s quite an incredible feeling to be able to observe them in the wild. We prefer to do this as unnoticed as we can, in order to get the best sightings we will turn off the car engines and observe these incredible giants. Do take note that these are wild elephants and so we can’t guarantee wild elephant spotting’s, however we will try our best to find them.

We will return to the Brumas Lodge for a nice dinner and get ready for a good rest, as we will have to wake up early the next morning for another adventurous day!

Day 2: Early morning after breakfast we will participate in a very unique and meaningful experience that is the tree replanting project. This initiative has been established by Sabah Softwoods in order to create a ‘wildlife corridor’ which connects two important national reserves, in the eastern part of Sabah and this effort had spurred conservation tourism collaboration with 1stopborneo.

Background information on the Conservation planting at the plantation : This initiative has been established by the Sabah Softwoods in order to create a 'wildlife corridor'which connects two reserves and this effort has spurred a collaboration with 1stopborneo wildlife..

" In tree enrichment planting, tourist could experience and directly involved in preserving and furthering the conservation efforts of Sabah Softwoods in creating a safe haven for animals in the wildlife corridor."

The wildlife corridor invested by Sabah Softwoods creates a safe haven for animals to forage for foods and freely move between the two reserves.Thus the enriching planting program encourages direct participation of the tour group and 1stopborneo in preserving and further strengthening the conservation efforts of Sabah Sofwoods.

After a quick fresh-up we will start our journey to Tawau Hills Park, where we hope to spot more of the interesting flora and fauna that Borneo has to offer. Our accommodation tonight will be in a basic hostel, offering private rooms.

Day 3: It’s going to be another early wake up, but nevertheless we hope to see some primates at the break of dawn. We will do a few walks today, whereby we will check upon our camera traps.

In Tawau national park, we have seen hornbills, primates such as red leaf monkeys, civet cats, various types of snakes and frogs in the past. So there is a chance that you will be seeing these too! Especially at night, there’s a possibility to spot snakes and frogs, so get your flashlight ready!

Day 4: Today we will undertake one last walk, whereby we hike to a nearby waterfall. After returning to the hostel, it’s time to take a quick fresh up and wait for the transport to bring us back to town / or to the airport

Package 2) 3 days and 2 nights: is the same as package 1, however one night less. This means we will not do the elephant safari. Instead we will go straight to Tawau National park, which is a stunning primary rainforest. We will be conducting daily morning and night walks, in search of wildlife. Usually this park has a great variety of frogs for us to admire.

Package 3) 5 days and 4 nights: this expedition is almost the same as package 1, however with an adventurous twist as we will be climbing a mountain and explore this area for two nights. This means we will do the elephant safari, stay one night in Tawau National Park and two nights at the mountain. Adding the thrill of climbing the mountain, will definitely make this an unforgettable experience during your stay in the deep rainforests of Borneo.\

  • Danum Valley Rainforest Expedition

Package 4) Duration 5 days and 4 nights.

This is one of the best forests perhaps in the world after Costa Rica and it will give you a totally different experience. 

Day 1: Today’s journey will take about 2,5 hrs drive from Lahad Datu. After about one hour when we reach Silam crossing, this drive will start to show glimpses of what awaits us, the upcoming days. As we are heading deeper into the rainforest, you will see the scenery slowly changing into an absolute stunning primary rainforest, with the tallest dipterocarp trees and the most breath-taking views. A true gem of planet earth is waiting to be experienced by you!

We will stay in a hostel, near the field centre, not far from a refreshing river. We will be conducting daily morning, afternoon and night walks, whereby we explore different parts of this jungle. There will be plenty of time to rest and enjoy the surroundings in between the walks. Dinner will be included on Day 1.

Day 2: If we are lucky we don’t even have to put any alarm to wake up early for our morning walk, as the gibbons might be calling us to come out at the crack of dawn. Today we will do our very best to encounter some of Borneo’s native animals. We have a chance of seeing big mammals such as orang utans, red leaf monkeys, pygmy elephants, clouded leopards, civet cats. Don’t worry bird lovers will also appreciate this place, as we might be able to spot the secretive argus pheasants, pita’s and one of the eight different species of hornbills seen here before. Not to forget the heaps of different types of frogs (such as the Wallace’s flying frog!), snakes and insects!

Today we will do all three hikes and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the restaurant of the hostel.

Day 3: Another day awaits us as we discover new trails in this extra-ordinary and unique rainforest, however we will give it a little twist today as we will go on a night safari tonight after dinner! Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be enjoyed at the restaurant of the hostel.

Day 4: This morning we will drive up to the watch tower, where from we get to experience spectacular panaromic views at the tree tops of this rainforest. We will leave before the sun rises, in order to lay eyes on what makes this rainforest so special, as the fog descends and leaves a blanket above forest. By far one of the best sightings one can have, when it comes to exploring the rainforest.

Later today we will conduct another afternoon and night walk. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be enjoyed at the restaurant of the hostel.

Day 5: Today it is time to start our journey back to Lahad Datu airport. We will leave shortly after breakfast, with a jungle experience that will last a lifetime….

  • Kinabatangan River Safari 

Package 5) Duration: 3 days and 2 nights.

This river is one of Sabah’s largest rivers and it is not uncommon to spot quite a variety of the animals that Sabah has to offer, just by staying here for a few days. This mighty river is one of the best places for birding on Borneo, but also for spotting other wildlife such as snakes, crocodiles, elephants, orang utans and even the Proboscis Monkey. Also knows as the Dutch monkey, due to his large nose and big round white belly!

Our stay here will be in a lovely, small homestay which overlooks the magnificent river. It’s the perfect place to relax in between the boat rides and enjoy the delicious meals the wonderful local host: Maria cooks for us. That’s not the only reason why we love visiting her place; since it’s a small accommodation, we usually have nearly private boat rides during our expeditions. This gives us all the more reason to stay here!

  • Kinabalu Park

Duration: 3 days and 2 nights:

Day 1: Today we will depart towards our location, leaving Kota Kinabalu shortly after breakfast. Get ready for a 2,5 hrs drive towards a remote village situated in the spectacular national park of Mount Kinabalu. This montane forest is filled with endemic species. We will stop for our lunch along the way. You will see the changes from the big city slowly changing into a natural, green area, with nice views along the way and fresh air (especially the last hour). 

We will stay in a homestay, near the river, which is run by a lovely couple. If there is some time left, you can take a plunge in the natural pool or enjoy a walk in the garden filled with flowers, plants, herbs and vegetables. Feel free to ask the owner, as she would proudly show you around her lovely garden. We will have our freshly cooked dinner (the vegetables and fruits come straight from the garden) and right after dinner we take a 10 minute drive towards the Sabah Parks substation, where from we will conduct a night walk hoping to see all sorts of frogs and reptiles, so bring your flashlight along!

Day 2: Early morning after come coffee/tea we will head to the substation before the sun rises. This is usually the best time to spot the beautiful birds, reptiles and frogs that we can find in this stunning primary rainforest. We will take a nice hike to the beautiful waterfall; don’t forget to bring your swimming attire!

After returning to the homestay we will have time enjoy our breakfast and the beautiful surroundings. Free time until the evening, whereby we will do another night walk after dinner in the hope to spot more!

Day 3: Today it is time to start our journey back to Kota Kinabalu, whereby we leave shortly after breakfast.

Stay tuned for more Wildlife expedition trips coming soon

Marudi Cycling 

( )

1) Marudi Longhouse cycling adventure

Package 1) 3 nights, 4 days

Come and experience the raw lives of the Iban indigenous group in the interior of Sarawak. We will be exploring in a 4 day trip from one longhouse to the other. Mingling with local people and just enjoying our selves. We will explore abit of the local forest as well and local cuisines.


2) Mulu National Park -

Package 1) 4 days 3 nights.  One of the worlds largest caving systems in the world and truly a must go place on Borneo ., A magnificent place to celebrate nature and enjoy the forests.

Package 2) 4 days and 3 nights Climbing the Pinnaclaes , a scenic point and great trek and

Package 3) 6 days and 5 nights , climbing Mount Mulu

3)Cycling from Iban Longhouse to Longhouse .

Come and experience the raw lives of the Iban indigenous group in the interior of Sarawak. We will be exploring in a 5 day trip from one longhouse to the other. Mingling with local people and just enjoying our selves

More packages soon

Kalimantan and Brunei

1) Ulu Belait

Package 1 ) Two days and one night and package 2) 3 days and 2 nigths. Walking through the virgin primary rainforests and experiencing amazing waterfalls along the way

Brunei Bay  

Package 2 ) Day trip - Enjoying one of the biggest intact mangorves on Borneo and having a great time with nature


Packages soon