Wildlife Volunteering on Borneo: Conservation Volunteer Borneo

Are you planning a visit to Borneo soon and would like to see the rain forest? And are you looking for a more authentic Bornean experience where you can make a positive environmental difference? If so, then you've come to the right place. Our organization accepts wildlife volunteers, and we have projects which vary from two weeks to two months.

In a nutshell we do wildlife conservation projects which include replanting a 13km long wildlife corridor to various wildlife surveys. We are also amidst developing three community tourism projects with local communities and local tour operators in the area. One is in Tawau, another in Syap (on the north side of Kinabulu Park) and yet another in Marudi, Sarawak.

What can you do while here? A lot of meaningful projects. 

In Tawau we need help from helping set up our native tree nursery to planting and being eco rangers in the wildlife corridor. We also need help with our wildlife surveys there. In Syap we need help with English classes (hangouts with board games) with the local homestay owners and community guides (poachers turned eco guides) and other development projects. And in Sarawak we are developing a cycling tourism project to save a rainforest.

When it comes to volunteering the greater your skill set, for example construction skills, the better. However lacking that simply a passion of wildlife and conservation is all that's required. 


Yes, in Borneo the concept of volunteerism is a bit different. Usually volunteers pay thousands of dollars in the places they volunteer here - you can check their websites. We however are a bit different. We only ask that you pay your own basic costs in each place you go. Pay the local cheap transport, local accommodation and so on. And a monthly contribution of $100 per person.

Why charge? We are not a big corporation or organization backed by significant funding. We are a grass roots organization. There is not much money in conservation in general, that's why its struggling. Thus we are doing these community tourism projects so we can be sustainable and make our projects sustainable. Thus all we request is that you enjoy your holiday and pay your basic costs, which you were going to do anyways. As well, we just ask that you give a small contribution to the organization. 

Background information:

Check out our website www.1stopborneo.org and learn more about us. On our homepage click NEWs for updated info.