the change of world

We believe education can change the world. Why do we believe this? Lets just take a simple example, we have given 69 Wildlife workshops to different schools on Borneo and from those directly we have rescued 79 animals like Pangolins, Clouded Leopards, Slow lorises, Hornbills and so on. Many of the kids sometimes just don't know if a turtle egg is illegal to be eaten or why the pangolin is going extinct. We need to help educate our future generations. Support us please.



in Our workshops we talk about the Wildlife found on Borneo(Mammals,Birds,reptiles,Insects etc) and how each animal has an important link in the ecosystem


We then talk about the troubles facing them from deforestation,illegal selling and so on




and finally we share with them on how young people like themselves can make a change and be the change 



In our workshops we only talk for 15-20 minutes, we let the kids do the talking for the next two hurs in four different games including the final one, a Drama skit they come up with. Our workshops are free , invite us by emailing us at